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Acid Reflux

October 9th, 2012 at 9:20 pm

Acid Reflux in Infants-A Treatment Guide

 Introduction to Acid Reflux in Infants

If your baby is crying for feed and then refuses to take bottle of milk or the breast by crying, he also has symptoms of spitting up and heavy vomiting after feeding then there is a chance that your baby is suffering from acid reflux. Most of the people believe that it is a heretic disease and their babies are safe from its attack but this consideration is not true, your baby has greater chances to get acid reflux within the few months of his birth. The acid reflux in infants has become very common and there is no need to worry as it disappears within twelve months from birth.

The real problem for parents starts when their baby do not recover after one year, in such situation immediately consult of your child specialist and he will provide a guide line about the treatment of your baby. Firstly physicians will recommend diverse lab test for the exact diagnosis of acid reflux and these tests will help to know about the nature and severity of acid reflux in babies. After these lab tests doctors will recommended appropriate medication for your baby and he will also give some instructions for the diet and life styles changes of mother and baby and follow all these instructions to get best results from medications.

There is no FDA Approved Drug for Acid Reflux 

Although physicians recommend a lot of medications such as anti- acids, anti- inflammatory, acid suppressers and acid blockers for the treatment of acid reflux in infants but there is no FDA approved medication for the treatment of acid reflux for babies. The babies who are suffering from acid reflux have greater chances to get gastroenteritis, pneumonia and oesophageal diseases. If acid reflux infection become severe in babies then it becomes really difficult to control therefore do not ignore the changing behaviours of your children about food.

During the breast feeding mothers should take different diet variations to save their children from the symptoms of acid reflux. According to the expert inconsolable crying is not a good sign for the health of babies because it can also cause a pressure on the muscles and stomach of babies therefore mother should try to calm their babies by changing their surroundings. The disease of acid reflux in infants is increasing rapidly and this is not a good sign because the severe conditions of acid reflux leads to deaths of babies and in recent few year death rate of babies has increased due to this factor.

The acid reflux in infants should be controlled in early stages because after childhood it becomes really difficult to eliminate acid reflux. The role of mothers is very important for this purpose, mothers should feed their babies after short gaps in a day and when you are feeding your baby, the feeding positions should relaxing for babies and after feeding do not instantly put them in cradle on their back. You can also get information about proper feeding method from your physicians and also from internet.

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