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Acid Reflux

October 11th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Acid reflux food to avoids for positive health

 Internet and acid reflux food to avoids

If you have been having heartburn or acid reflux then maybe it is time for you to start thinking of changing your daily diet. There is acid reflux food to avoids if you want to be free of heartburn. The pain and discomfort feeling from the acid reflux condition can be a nuisance to your daily routine. The constant heartburn is not something to be worried and it can be solved by a few changes in food consumption. The acid reflux occurs when the muscles to close the esophagus is weak. If it does not close properly, food and liquid can go back into the esophagus and cause pain and discomfort, often characterized as heartburn.

If in the case of baby having acid reflux, it is recommended that you bring the baby to your doctor for advice. On your part as a mom, there are foods to avoids if your baby breastfeed. The best is to avoid foods that are filled with acidic compound such as oranges, tomato and all food and drinks that are categorized as citrus. You may also want to avoid oily food and limit your intake on dairy products. This will certainly help your baby from having acid reflux. If your baby still continues to have acid reflux then getting help from a doctor would be the best option.

Avoiding acid for healthy digestive system

For adult to avoid having acid reflux there are several foods that you may want to put in your acid reflux food to avoids list. You may love eating fried foods, but it is one of the foods that can cause heartburn. This is because fried foods seem to be hard to digest by your digestive system. It can cause great problem for your digestive tract. It can slow down your digestive system and cause a heavy workload for your body system. The left over acid will move up to the esophagus and this will definitely cause heartburn. The remains of fried foods can get stuck in your digestive system and will certainly be a burden to the stomach.

Do you know that sweets foods such as cookies can cause your digestive system turn into acidic environment? The best thing to do is to avoid cookies that are made of artificial color and avoid consuming cookies or other foods that are filled with preservatives. Another element that you may want to avoid is caffeine. As widely known coffee contain caffeine and this will cause the rapid development of gastric-acid. This will definitely cause acid reflux to occur. Carbonated drinks should also be in the acid reflux food to avoids list because it can increase hard impact on your stomach. The impact will lead to high amount of acidic reaction which is the main cause of acid reflux. For more tips on which food should be avoided, you can ask your physician. However, the advancement of the internet has made it easier to gather health information and you can do it by searching articles on acid reflux food to avoids.

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