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Acid Reflux

Know about Basic Acid Reflux Cause

Facts about Acid Reflux Cause

There are different causes of acid reflux but the most important acid reflux cause is hiatal hernia, it is the disease of stomach and you have to face this problem due to the movement of upper part of stomach and LES. Our body has different barriers that separate the different systems of body form one another and they are also helpful for the proper functioning of a system, similarly there is a barrier between chest and stomach that is called diaphragm and when hiatal hernia occurred LES and Stomach move above this barrier. There are different functions of diaphragm but the most important is that it is responsible to keep digestive acid in stomach but due to hiatal hernia this acid comes into oesophagus and cause acid reflux disease.

Acid reflux causeWhen you are suffering from acid reflux that is caused by hiatal hernia then immediately consult to your doctor and discuss about the cause of infection and exact treatment method. If you do not take any kind of treatment for your acid reflux then you should be prepared to face worse conditions such as you can experience cancers of stomach and oesophagus and throat. There are different methods of treatment such as medication method, life style change methods, diet changes method and surgical method and you must choose the treatment method with the advice of your health care provider.

Some types of food are also the acid reflux cause such as use of foods with high amount of fat, sugar and spices become the trigger of acid reflux disease. These foods are not only dangerous for health because you can experience problems of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, inflammation and high cholesterol level but also put a pressure on your budget. Similarly the use of caffeine is very dangerous for health therefore avoid coffee, chocolates and drinks that contain caffeine such as Redbull, Monster and Rockstaar and the use of soft drinks such as Pepsi and Coke also cause health problems.

Life Style is a Cause of This Infection              

Another acid reflux cause is the life style of people that increase the intensity of acid reflux such as people who eat much and go to sleep after eating often experience acid reflux. According to experts always eat your meals before three or four hours ago of your sleeping time because when you lay down on your bed your oesophagus and stomach comes in a level and stomach acid enters into oesophagus and sometimes it reaches into throat. Therefore, patients of acid reflux should keep upper part of bed four to six inches high than lower part because it will help to block stomach acid in your stomach.

A large number of ladies are also suffering from acid reflux and the main acid reflux cause is pregnancy, it is reported that almost 95% ladies get acid reflux during pregnancy and it will vanish without any treatment with delivery. The ladies can also experience acid reflux due to stomach disorders, taking heavy meals and the chances of acid reflux increases in those ladies who do most of their works by bending because it will put a pressure on their hormones.

There are few prescription medications that use to treat acid reflux symtoms:

Nexium  will be used if you want to prevent the helicobater pylori from becoming too infectious and to get the relief from the heartburn. You may find the information about how to save with nexium coupon here.

Aciphex is used for  Treatment who has ulcer or heartburn or irritation of the esophagus originated by gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD). See more information here

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