All you need to know about acid relux

Acid Reflux

October 8th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Facts about Acid Reflux Disease

Introduction to Acid Reflux Disease

The main function of the digestive system is to digest the food and when eat or drink anything it goes into stomach, where it is digested with the help of stomach acid. The role of stomach acid is very vital in the digestion of food but its excess production can cause many complications and if it enters into other parts of body then it causes damages to the inner parts of body. Therefore there is valve on the entrance of stomach that do not allow the stomach acid to flow outside, this valve only opens when your take meals and hence in this way food enters into stomach. Due to the any stomach abnormalities this valve that is called LES does not close and stomach acid comes into oesophagus and seriously damages it, this situation is called acid reflux disease and patients should take proper medication and treatment to effectively deal with this infection.

You can easily recognize acid reflux by its signs and symptoms in the initial stage because acid reflux is easy to control in early stages as compared to late diagnosis of this infection. The acid reflux can cause server heartburn, most of the people believe that heartburn is the disease of heart this consideration is totally wrong because acid reflux does not affect your heart and in case of heartburn you feel severe pain and inflammation in your chest.

The other signs and symptoms of acid reflux disease include nausea, vomiting, sleeping problems, swallowing troubles, sinus infection, ear diseases and various allergic reactions such as swelling of throat and mouth. It is important to remember that the obesity is the real cause of most diseases therefore sufferers should give importance to your fitness and health and make a habit of regular exercises because daily exercise will keep you healthy, active and smart.

There are Diverse Methods of Acid Reflux Treatment

The acid reflux disease may occur due to lying down on back after meal and eating fried and spicy foods increase the risk of acid risk. The high caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are injurious to health therefore in the most of the developed countries use of alcohol in soft drinks is banned especially for teenagers and ladies. The patients of acid reflux can use natural cures and medications according to their medical conditions and conveniences, some people prefer the surgical treatment of acid reflux but remember it is very costly method of treatment.

The acid reflux disease has also spread in infants, they become victim of this disease after their birth and some babies get acid reflux form heretically, and if mother or father has acid reflux then baby will also has this infection. The infant’s acid reflux will vanish in one year but adult’s acid reflux requires proper treatment and medications such as acid blockers and anti- acids and natural cures such as use of raw fruits and vegetables in their daily diet and use of fresh juices and ginger roots.                                                                                       

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