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Acid Reflux

October 16th, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Acid Reflux in Babies- Valuable information for Parents

 Introduction to Acid Reflux in Babies

The babies can suffer from acid reflux within the first two months of their birth and this problem may be heretic, if the parents of babies have acid reflux then there is a chance that baby will be the victim of acid reflux form birth. There are specific treatments for the acid reflux in babies but most of the physicians of babies and child specialists do not allow using medication or any medical treatment for babies because all types of drugs have side effects and these side effects become very severe for the sensitive body systems of the babies.

For the treatment of acid reflux most of the child specialists recommended life style changes for babies and diet changes for their mothers. These treatment methods are very effective and have no side effects for babies; the diet of mother plays significant role for the health of your baby therefore mother should take healthy diet. During the nursing period mother should avoid from all types of foods and drinks that are triggers of acid reflux and the use of hot and spicy foods by mother can cause stomach disorder in babies.

It is reported that acid reflux in babies vanish after one year without any treatment in most of the babies and if it does not disappear then consult to your physicians for the treatment. It is also observed that in the weak babies acid reflux will disappear after eighteen month but if it is heretic acid reflux then it will not disappear without proper medical attention. The treatment of babies is more difficult as compared to adults because they do not cooperate with doctor and parents in taking medications and show severe side effects.

For the treatment of acid reflux in babies, the child specialists will recommend different types of medications and usually these medications will be in form of injections and syrups. The intake of exact dosage become very important for babies because over dose can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea in babies, therefore always use the prescribed dosage of drugs. The medications for babies contain the instructions about the usage of pills and syrups and always check the expiry date of medication before purchasing it. Most of the medications for the babies are given only for the use of one week, therefore expire it after one week and do not save it for the use of next time.

Some Common Medications for Babies                          

For the treatment of acid reflux in babies, your child specialist will recommend anti-acid mediations such as Maalox and Mylanta because these medications are helpful to reduce the level of stomach acid and they are also effective for the cleansing of stomach in babies. The acid blockers and acid suppress medications are highly effective for babies because they have very minor side effects and helpful to manage the production of digestive acid in the stomach. You can also adopt natural remedies for the treatment of your babies but firstly discuss this matter with your health care provider.

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